Non Profit Press Release: 8 Easy Steps to a Great Press Announcement

A non profit press release has many benefits and is an essential part of any nonprofit press kit. When you publish your press release online or to a distribution service, you not only boost your SEO through inbound links, but you also raise awareness for your event or cause.

But many nonprofits don’t realize that they should write them, while others are intimidated because they don’t have the staff or experience in publishing them. We’ve created these guiding principles for how to write a press release for a non-profit organization. We’ve also included several non profit press release templates and examples that can help you start telling your story and gain publicity for your cause! 

How to Write a Non Profit Press Release

1. Remember the Goal

The goal of a non profit press release is to help news organizations write a story about your event, campaign, or impact in the community. Often, the release will be republished in its entirety. Keep in mind that press releases aren’t just for journalists anymore. Rather, you can include them as part of your nonprofit social media strategy[1], on your website, or in your nonprofit newsletter[2] to gain traction.

2. Hook the Reader

Grabbing your reader’s attention in the first sentence(s) of your non profit press release is crucial. After all, journalists mine through numerous releases to find a story worth covering, and if yours isn’t interesting, it’s not likely to make the cut. Make sure your first few sentences are catchy, compelling, and informative. Give a general overview of what your reader should expect in the rest of the release.

3. Tell Your Story

Tell a story that will hold your reader’s interest. Include the mission of your nonprofit, and why you do what you do. Find a way to spark an emotional connection, while still answering the who, what, when, where, and why of the event. This is one of the most important parts of writing a press release for a nonprofit.

4. Don’t Exaggerate

Try to avoid phrases like “revolutionary,” “groundbreaking,” and “never seen before.” This is hyperbole, which has no place in a non profit press release. Remember, you are conveying news. It doesn’t need to be dry and devoid of excitement, but rather report the facts of your event in an interesting way.

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