WorkMarket provides gig worker management platform to the coronavirus-crisis nonprofit Volunteer Surge

healthcareWorkMarket, an ADP company, is making its contract talent management and work assignment platform available to Volunteer Surge, which is helping out in the coronavirus crisis, according to a press release[1]. Volunteer Surge is “a nonprofit initiative to recruit, train and surge 1 million healthcare workers into our system to support front-line doctors and nurses and to assist vulnerable populations during the national emergency.”

We’ll take a closer look at Volunteer Surge and WorkMarket, which is covered[2] in Spend Matters’ SolutionMap ranking of Direct Sourcing of Workforce/Services[3] technology.

Volunteer Surge

Dr. Sten Vermund, dean of the Yale School of Public Health (which is also participating in the initiative), said the healthcare system and key professionals are overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Task-shifting … can reduce the burden on our system and save lives by allowing scarce medical workers to focus on the more serious COVID-19 care operations while trained health care volunteers pick up other tasks,” Vermund said in the release.

Vetted volunteers will receive important COVID-19 training and can receive assignments in their local communities, or do health support work at home by phone, the release said. Qualified volunteers will be able to “support testing centers, homebound seniors, people with physical and intellectual disabilities, hospitals and vulnerable populations.”

Others will “perform triage care for cases unrelated to COVID-19, staff drive-through test sites, provide telephone health support to homebound seniors, support those with intellectual disabilities or take vital signs in tent triage care centers,” the release said. “Hospitals and local health departments will supply proper equipment and supervision to keep volunteers safe.”

To learn more about Volunteer Surge or register as a volunteer, visit the site here[4].


WorkMarket, the press release notes, will “provide the software to organize and manage the volunteers and the assignments they accept, such as visiting homebound seniors or delivering meals.” Based on our coverage of WorkMarket over the years, we can confidently say that its platform capabilities are very well suited to the requirement.

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