Working with the Media: A Guide for Volunteer Organizations and Commissions

There is definitely a project or community within your area that would be a great story idea. We can help you with that: overview stories, human interest, statewide stories, local interest, and unique angles. Some possibilities include:

  1. Mifflin Library Project—a partnership to develop an arboretum and an outdoor classroom.
  2. Altoona and State College Tree Commission—active volunteer groups working on numerous interesting and unique ways to improve the quality of tree and park care within their communities.
  3. State of Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry Partnership Coordinator—About a year ago the agency hired a person to increase partnership urban forestry opportunities with schools, companies, and other agencies…..and there are some great projects in progress! Like the one in Huntingdon, and the one at Spring Mills Elementary School.
  4. The Harris Township Working Together Project—a number of activities geared at improving the community of Harris Township.

Give John or Anne a call at the numbers listed above for:

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Or any help and assistance we can provide.






Local efforts to save green space are working

On Tuesday, January 5 at 10: 30 a.m. in Boalsburg, about a dozen members of a community land conservation group will gather to celebrate the third anniversary of the James Wilde Forest Preserve.

Attendees, including the State College Mayor Bill Williams, will announce plans to expand the preserve by 50 acres and gather support for additional efforts.

We want to share with the community the many benefits of green space and how a local group is working preserve it.

In attendance will be about a dozen members of the James Wilde Forest Preserve, residents of the area and municipal and state officials. A list of attendees who are willing to talk is available to reporters.

This preservation effort is similar to those occurring in College and Ferguson townships. Contact information for these efforts can be provided to reporters. This is an issue that’s present in many municipalities throughout your news area and the state, affecting thousands of families.

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