Working with the Media: A Guide for Volunteer Organizations and Commissions

We look forward to continuing to make Greensburg’s community forest both safe and attractive. The continued and increased support of residents and elected officials would make this work much easier and pave the way for success.


John Maple, Greensburg Municipal Tree Commission

Expressing an Opinion

To the Editor:

John Oaks’ story provided an in-depth look at the issue of open space and greenway conservation in this area. Many studies have demonstrated the aesthetic, recreational, social, economic, and health benefits provided by these passive undeveloped areas. There is also the thought of leaving a pleasant and healthy place to live for those who follow.

I encourage not only our planning commission and local developers, but also our residents and leaders to become involved in conserving open space and greenways in our fast-growing area. Strong public and official support of planning for, regulating for, and funding for open space conservation is needed.

As we wait to act, opportunities for open space conservation are lost to development and land prices continue to escalate. If we do not act soon to plan for and fund open space conservation through referendum or bond issue, much will be lost for ourselves and those that follow.


John Maple, Greensburg Municipal Tree Commission

Sample Op-Ed Piece


By John Maple, Greenville Environmental Advisory Commission Chairperson

Today, “growing greener” is a hot topic in Pennsylvania, but planning and providing for the many benefits of open space in growing municipalities is not new.

In the mid-nineteenth century, Frederick Law Olmstead wrote that open space provides people with places for recreation and, because it serves great numbers of citizens regardless of age, sex, race, or class, enhances social democratization. He and others demonstrated these ideals in their designs for New York’s Central Park and other spaces during the America’s City Beautiful Movement.

But beauty is only a small benefit of open space. Planning for and conserving open space in our fast-growing area has many benefits that must be understood by both leaders and citizens.

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